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Thus Spoke Daemonite.

A journal for none and all.

I have so much hate to give.
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Who is Daemonite?

Who isn't Daemonite? Daemonite is a man of few spoken words. Daemonite is a kind hearted, compassionate man. Daemonite is a protector of the people and their best interests. Daemonite is new and improved. Daemonite is the lord of the dance. And while Daemonite is all of these things, Daemonite is most certainly not Shaq.

Now you may ask yourself, "Wow, how can I have Daemonite in my life?" It's ok, go ahead, many people do. Daemonite can be in your life in a number of ways. Daemonite can inform telemarketers you don't care much for them. Daemonite can get in those hard to reach places many household appliances cannot. Daemonite is the swifter, quicker picker up. Daemonite cannot be harmed by your puny American weapons. Daemonite does not bend or warp under heat. Daemonite is not safe for work. Daemonite Can do your taxes.

With all these varied uses and incredible options, you may wonder why there is only one Daemonite. Well you see, Daemonite is a prototype - a test by the creators to see if the world is ready for such a pinnacle of human experience. Some are, and Some are not, but those few unfortunate souls not yet ready to embrace the glory that is their birthright flee the bright and shinig paragon that is Daemonite. They hide and cower, afraid and unsure. Daemonite still loves them though. He knows one day they will be ready.

Daemonite has many friends, but jealousy, spite, and greed has granted him many enemies. There are many tales to be told of the great hero Daemonite. Scattered to the four winds by the greatest bards of yore, tales wherein Daemonite avenges the wrong of being charged twice for but one meal. Tales wherein Daemonite strikes fear into the heart of Gas Station Collection Agents. Tales wherein Daemonite delves the deepest pits of wrath to save the woebetide. Even Tales wherein Daemonite does his Laundry.

Daemonite is many things to many people, and he can be many things to you. Let him be a friend, a guide, a tutor. Let him show you the ways in the lands of modern reality. Let him assist you in times of need. Let him lend you a hand when you need one most. Most of all, let him be the payee to all of your excess wages.

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