I have so much hate to give. (damonite) wrote,
I have so much hate to give.

Expelled: Win Ben Stein's Dignity.

I have returned from viewing Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed! by a weary and uninspired Ben Stein turned Michael Moore. Though I had originally thought more of the opening night crowd had attended it ironically as had I, my lovely companion pointed out the laughing and chatter was roughly one hundred and eighty degrees out of phase with my own.

The movie itself is all about the censorship and oppression of cdesign proponentists. I mean, Intelligent Design theorists. Among the people affected were a man fired for not doing his job, a man who quit six months before anyone realized he'd published an intelligent design paper, a woman who did not have her contract renewed and found work at another college, and a guy who had to move his ID web site to third party hosting. That's some serious oppression right there, I tell you what. Oh, but by the way it was all because they merely were open to ID and then the secret organizations began a targeted attack on these folks, and not in any way because of the previously mentioned circumstances.

After we are introduced to these rigorously oppressed folks, we're taken on a whirlwind tour of all the things wrong with the Theory of Evolution (Erm, Darwinism), how Darwin made Hitler kill Jews, why Evolution makes you an atheist, and that Richard Dawkins is a Raelian, all the while our ferris wheel manages to keep from view what the movie actually thinks Intelligent Design is. While the movie does offer a clip that highlights the specific definition of Evolution, it never bothers to define Intelligent Design directly, and only offers basic implications that ID Means you have D from an I. Honestly, two hours of how ID is oppressed, and no mention of what it actually is.

Whether it's blaming Eugenics on Evolution or tough editing PZ Meyers and Dawkins into almost charicatures of themselves, this movie doesn't bother to really make any solid arguments anywhere. On a content level, all I can really say is that Ben Stein feels freedom is A) Important, B) Better in Poland, C) Removed from ID proponents, and D) Worth walking around death camps to talk about.

Ben Stein needs to go back to giving me his money and step away from the podium.
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